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Hoai-Bac Le, Anh-Phuong Pham and Thanh-Thang Tran (2010). Applying HTM-Based System to Recognize Object in Visual Attention. Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, 2010, Volume 6, 79-90.


. As our previous work [2], we presented a model of visual attention in that the space-based attention happens prior to the object-based attention using Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) system. In this paper, we propose a novel model, applying an alternative flow of visual attention in which the object-based happens earlier than spaced-based. The new approach is able to recognize multiple objects while the previous one only identifies single object in image. Besides, the way of moving object around image’s centralization is applied to improve object identification at any positions in image. The experiments as well as results for identifying one object and two separated objects in multi-object image are presented.