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Van Khuong, H., Pham Hong Lien, Hyung Yun Kong (2008). Performance Analysis of a Novel Cooperative Transmission Scheme in Wireless Networks. 10th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology 2008 (ICACT 2008), pp. 155 – 160.


Abstract. Cooperative transmission is an efficient solution to improve the performance of wireless communications over fading channels without the need for physical co-located antenna arrays. Current cooperative transmission schemes for two users can only achieve maximum diversity order of 2. In this paper, we propose a novel cooperative transmission scheme with amplify-and-forward relay which can obtain the diversity order of 3. Its closed-form BER expression is also derived and confirmed by Monte-Carlo simulations. A variety of simulated and numerical results under flat Rayleigh fading channel plus AWGN (Additive White Gaussian Noise) shows that the proposed scheme saves a significant amount of consumed power compared to non-cooperation counterpart subject to the same BER performance and bandwidth efficiency.