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Duong, T.D.X.   Duong, V.N. (2008), An algorithm for computing a generalized problem of controllability radii,  in: Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Conference on Research, Innovation and Vision for the Future - in Computing and Communications Technologies (RIVF'2008), pp.17 - 22


Abstract: Given a linear control system, the controllability radii for a linear control system is the norm of the smallest perturbation that makes the given system uncontrollable. In this paper, we propose a generalized problem for controllability radii when both or only one of system matrices is perturbed. Then, based on recent methods of Gu, Burke-Lewis-Overton and Gu-Mengi-Overton-Xia-Zhu, we present an algorithm to computing the generalized controllability radius problem. This algorithm achieves the complexity of O(k4) on average, where k is the order of the system. Numerical experiments indicate that the new method is reliable in practice.