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Vo Hoang Duy, Dong Si Thien Chau, Vo Huu Hau, Phan Thai Hoa, Tran Trong Dao; Stabilization of the rotational inverted pendulum using mixed H2/H¥ PID Controller; AETA 2013: Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering and Related Sciences, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering Vol. 282 (2014), pp. 445 – 455 (Book Chap.).


This paper proposes a mixed H 2 /H  ∞  optimal PID controller with a genetic algorithm based on the dynamic model of a Rotational Inverted Pendulum (RIP) and applies it for balancing control. In the dynamic model of the rotational inverted pendulum with perturbation, the proposed controller guarantees robust and optimal performance to the stabilization of the rotational inverted pendulum. A genetic algorithm was used to obtain parameters for the PID controller that satisfies the mixed H 2 /H  ∞  constraint. To implement the proposed controller, a control system based on microcontroller dsPIC30F4011 was developed. Experimental results are shown to prove the performance of the proposed controller when changing the weight and shape of pendulum.