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Yong Seung Lee, Xuan Hau Pham, Nguyen Trung Duc, and Jason J. Jung, Hien T. Nguyen; Social Context-based movie recommendation: a case study on MyMovieHistory; Context-Aware Systems and Applications, Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, Vol. 128 (2014), pp. 339-348 (Book Chap.).


Social networking services (in short, SNS) allow users to share their own data with family, friends, and communities. Since there are many kinds of information that has been uploaded and shared through the SNS, the amount of information on the SNS keeps increasing exponentially. Particularly, Facebook has adopted some interesting features related to entertainment (e.g., movie, music and TV show). However, they do not consider contextual information of users for recommendation (e.g., time, location, and social contexts). Therefore, in this paper, we propose a novel approach for movie recommendation based on the integration of a variety contextual information (i.e., when the users watched the movies, where the users watched the movies, and who watched the movie with them). Thus, we developed a Facebook application (called MyMovieHistory) for recording the movie history of users and recommending relevant movies.


  • Recommendation systems
  • Social contexts
  • Facebook
  • User history
  • Timeline