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Vuong Nguyen Van Do, Chin-Hyung Lee, Kyong-Ho Chang; High cycle fatigue analysis in presence of residual stresses by using a continuum damage mechanics model; International Journal of Fatigue, Vol. 70 (2015), pp. 51 – 62 (SCI).


This study attempts to predict the high cycle fatigue life of steel butt welds by numerical method. At first, FE simulation of plate butt welding is carried out to obtain the weld-induced residual stresses employing sequentially coupled three-dimensional (3-D) thermo-mechanical FE formulation. Then, a nonlinear damage cumulative model for multiaxial high cycle fatigue based on continuum damage mechanics (CDM), which can incorporate the effect of welding residual stresses, is derived using FE technique. The high cycle fatigue damage model is applied to the butt welds subjected to cyclic fatigue loading to calculate the fatigue life considering the residual stresses, and the computed total fatigue life which takes into account the fatigue crack initiation and the propagation is compared with the test result. In addition, the fatigue life prediction of the welds without considering the residual stresses is implemented to investigate the influence of welding residual stresses on the fatigue performance. The FE results show that the high cycle fatigue damage model proposed in this work can predict the fatigue life of steel butt welds with high accuracy, and welding residual stresses should be taken into account in assessing the fatigue life of the welds.

  • Multiaxial high cycle fatigue;
  • Fatigue damage model;
  • Steel butt welds;
  • Effective mean stress;
  • Residual stress relaxation